Sunday, July 24, 2011

Make Me a Channel of Your Peace

I am sad today, very sad.  The last two days have given us nothing but bad news of death and destruction. 

The dreadful tragedy in Norway which makes one wonder what sort of people would kill innocent people in an unrealistic bid to try to make their voices heard in a a country where tolerance and respect for other people' beliefs and culture are the norm.

Then fast on its heels, the announcement that Amy Winehosue has died.  "Nothing" one may think compared to what happened in Oslo, or indeed, in other parts of the world  but the  unnecessary self destruction and loss of life as a result nevertheless.

So I'm sharing one of my favourite prayers by way of music in the event that anyone reading this may feel as sad and as much at a loss as I am.  Take comfort in the prayer of St Francis.



  1. I know that that they'll do an autopsy on Amy Winehouse, but I'd be incredibly surprised if the cause of death is NOT drug-related. The disease of addiction will have claimed another soul too soon

  2. And I don't know if you, Bee, read of the woman killed by her husband, stabbed and then the house set on fire with their 5 children in it, in Texas. So tragic. the moral fibre of this country and indeed word continues to fray. My heart just breaks over each and every on of these stories. It just goes to show, even in a place like Norway, not one day should be taken fro granted. none of us may be here tomorrow. Life is too short to not say hello, goodbye, thank you, etc.

  3. That sort of thing happens here almost on a daily basis. On Friday a young woman was found in her own home murdered and each of her two children also murdered. I get upset because there's always a 24 hour public outcry and then after the funeral it does. Until the next one.

  4. I love this prayer, by St. Francis, as well, B. I have a vintage gold St. Francis medal that I wear every day. It reminds me to be an instrument of peace.

  5. Good on you Tess - I would like to think that all of us have the same sentiment.


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