Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Yesterday my friend KJ wrote a blog about HRH Queen Elizabeth 11. It was more about her hats really and how OTT they are. Actually what he said was:
but I do love her hats. No one wears a weirder hat than Queen Elizabeth II. She is the personification of a fashion faux pas, truly a mad hatter in the strictest sense, and yet, no one dares say to her, "Uh, your Majesty, it's about your hats ..."

Mmmmmm................the news is that ladies in England wear hats to formal occasions - weddings, baptisms, funerals, memorial services, Ascot, Cheltenham, Henley...............any self respecting woman would not be seen dead at any of these events sans hat!

So I said that I wore a hat last Mothers Day. My daughter knowing that I'm a hat lover (the bigger the better - ostentatious - moi??) gave me one and made me promise to wear it to the family Mother's Day Lunch. I could not refuse.
Forget the face - here's the hat!

Going back to the Queen, she's having to make some changes in her life. As a result of austere measures now in place under the new government (Conservatives sold out to Liberal Democrats) she is having to change her job. She's going from this:

to this:

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  1. LOL. Love it. And I am a big lover of hats. I have an extensive collection for shielding myself from the sun and hiding a bad hair day or just to wear and cause rumors.


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