Monday, November 30, 2009

Tea in Aspen

I am frantically packing - behind as usual due to workload - to be in Aspen tomorrow for Mr Toast and Jam's Tea.   It promises to be a wonderful occasion and I am so looking forward to it.  The drop in temperature is going to be a bit of a shock to my system I can tell you but once I'm settled,  I know all will be well. It's going to be interesting as there are many people attending that I haven't met before.

So presently am in the throes of literally throwing things into a suitcase. What do you think?

McCartney Wool

For starters I thought I'd pack these  Stella McCartney trousers as they're comfortable - in fact I may even travel in them.  I have a couple of tops to go with them.

I like this Donna Karen Cashmere Jersey Silk as it's so versatile.

Cashmere Siilk 1

DK 2

DK 4

And I like the way it falls at the back.

If I do travel in that outfit I can wear these Christian Louboutin ankle boots:

CL Slingback

I'm also packing:


which will go with a dressier pair of trousers and these shoes which are Miu Miu


I am still thinking about a tea dress but I'm not lee keen as I find them all so twee.  It will probably be a cashmere dress with a cowl collar.  I'm sure I'll find a pair of shoes to go with it.

I was looking for an evening dress but decided I had better in my wardrobe so will take this one.  It has been worn but the people I'm meeting will not have seen it before.  I decided on some colour instead of my usual black.


I'm not a clumpy shoe lover so I think Jimmy Shoo will win out with these even thougth they're not as high as I would like. If I see anything in Aspen I may splurge.

JS 2

I have also managed to make a Stollen


and an Apple Strudel

Apple strudel

They look a bit alike but they're very different - we can always put them at opposite end of the table.

Also bringing my favourite Austrian chocolates: Mozart Kugler.

Mozart Kuglen

I have to finish packing!


  1. Oh gosh, I've just unpacked EVERYTHING. I don't like any of it except the goodies.

    I don't know whether or not I want to ski so will pack just in case - and I have all my hats out, covering my bed! Oh Lord!

  2. Oh Bee, it was looking good, too! Everything was perfect. Well the strappy and open-toed shoes might not work out so well in the slushy streets. Give my regards to Mr. T&J as I can't make it myself. But it is shaping up to be the social event of the blogosphere.

  3. Have to pack boots, have to pack boots!

  4. Your Aspen wardrobe is tres chic, daaaling! Yes, do throw in some boots. You're bringing food?! Gosh, I'm all baked out from the Thanksgiving marathon.

  5. Bee- I'm so glad you remebered adn are coming! no problem with the wonders of virtual travel, you too can take the Concorde! yesm, it still travels --to Aspen only now. Only the stars can afford it!

    I must say, I think you will be a knock out in that outfit. you might be a wee bit cold, well, especially coming from Trinidad, but I'll stoke the fire for you, no problem. Ask fro some mulled wine when you get here, dear Bee. Can;t wait to meet you!!

    I'm adding you to the fellow promoters and write ups section on my side bar. Thank you so much. How very fun adn yes, that nosh looks delicious.

  6. Ooooh - you certainly are going to look fabulous!!
    I'm looking forward to sampling the tasty treats you are bringing!!
    I'm coming from warm weather too - glad there's going to be a fireplace!!

  7. If you mean Aspen, Colorado discard the shoes. May I suggest mucklucs? And the dress is too long for the snow but will work if the place you dine is in the same hotel you stay.

  8. Oh I am looking forward to meeting you BeeBee.
    I am wearing boots, but have indoor fancy wear. I like what you picked out, and the goodies look great. Am already in Aspen, jaunting around in our one horse open sleigh.

  9. i just want the jimmy chui strappy shoes ... they're gorgeous and so me with all of those lovely straps...
    well maybe that and the stollen...
    well that, the stollen and the chocolates and i'm done!
    have a wonderful time at tea dahlink!!!

  10. the clothes choices! The cashmere and the peeptoe, love them! If those shoes are a size 7.5, you may find them missing! ha!

    And those chocolates...I need to find those in real life! ha!

    See you at the tea!

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. I'm so glad I threw the boots in along with some more cashmere pashminas.

    I did wonder about the blue sapphire mink but truth be told, it hasn't seen the light of day for years - not since someone threatened to throw paint at me as I came out of a London theatre. I also didn't want to offend anyone although no doubt we will see some furs out there.

    I also threw in a long sleeved, backless little black number for later just in case I decide against the long for dinner.

    I am so pleased to be here. The sleighs are wonderful and after three mulled wines, I was ready to venture away from the roaring fire. I'm trying to catch up with Willow. And I have no idea where the host is lurking.

    Has anyone see Alan Bennett? I hope he managed to get out of Sweden without much hassle. the flight connections are supposed to be good. And I can see this tea is going to go on forever........

    Betsy: yes they are so if they disappear I'll know where to look!

  13. I'm afraid Alan and his co-passanger (Dot-Com) are now in alot of trouble.

    Love your evening dress that you will be sporting. Beautiful and elegant.

  14. Really nice to meet you!You look fabulous!Can I have a piece of that stollen please?;)

  15. The evening gown is stunning! So very nice to meet you :) And the chocolates? Um...I think I've had half a dozen!


  16. Bee,
    Nice to meet you... isn't this the grandess Tea ever? We must have a toast to Mr. Toast, don't you agree? You look stunning in your lovely fashionable attire.
    The Bach

  17. I do hope you arrive in time to meet you for tea. Take care in your travels Mrs. Bee. I am sure you will out shine us all in that lovely blue dress.

  18. I'm just helping collect tea cups after the party. Great to have met you!

  19. You certainly looked stunning at the tea Bee - wasn't it just the best time ever? I'm sipping the mulled wine now and listening to the music - Mmm certainly has been a great host and made sure we all had fun.

  20. Bee, thanks for stopping by to socialize. Loved your evening dress, it was a wonderful party.

  21. Hope the trip is going well! Aspen! I also hope your remembered to take the boots...

  22. Bee ~ you certainly were a delight at the tea! You looked dazzling in that blue~!

  23. Bee, what ahoot you wre. thank you so much for coming and for socializing so much with the guests. It made it that much more fun. I do hope you weren't too cold. The price one pays though for being so dazzling, right? : )

  24. Bee,
    It was so nice to meet you at Mr. Toast Tea Party. Yes, he must have it each year..he is the best host... thinking of everyone all the time....
    Hope you are having a marvelous day and making that list and checking it twice. Catcha later.
    The Bach

  25. You are going to be so glam, Bee, but a trifle cold, I'm afraid. No worries, they know how to turn the heat up in Aspen resort hotels. And don't forget to bring something that you can walk around the snow in. I know they don't have the likes of that white powder in Trinidad, but it's there all right - lots of it and totally legal. Oh, and don't forget to pack your skis. The slopes are simply fab this time of year. I'll see you there, darlin'. Ta!

  26. I'm reading this usual...but I bet you were dropdead gorgeous in all that refinery.

  27. Bee, where are you? I'm just checking in on my ex=pat bloggie friend. I do hope you are ok and well even.

  28. Here I am later than late. Hoping you all had the time of your lives. I don't suggest wearing socks with those glam shoes ....but gosh it could get chilly. See you back at the ranch.

  29. This tea sounds like so very much fun. Are cats allowed because I'd sure like to come. Your blog was a delight to read.


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