Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Poetry Wednesday It is Dark

It’s dark
Very, very dark
Let me sleep
Let me sleep
Off the pain
The feeling of gloom
Of hopelessness
That embraces me

It’s light
Very, very light
Let me sleep
Continue to sleep
To stave off
The pain the doom
The hopelessness
Still embracing me

The dark
Of the night
Brings no peace
The light
Of the day
Is not enough
To quell
My uneasy spirit

In the dark
Should I sleep
And hope for
Dreamless peace?
In the light
Should I wake
And hope for
Soothing calm?


  1. Love this poem. Such dark thoughts but I often think that is what poetry is for - to express the midnight of the soul.

    Be sure to read Bekkieann's. Similar thread

  2. Bee, we are on the same note today I see. Sometimes we simply have to feel our despair for awhile before we can get back to joy. It will come, we know, we've been here before. I, too, love this dark but truthful poem.


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