Sunday, October 25, 2015

Ther First Stainforth Manor Ball

For those of you who attended in the past, the annual ball held at Willow Manor hosted by Tess Kinkaid there has been a change..

This year our Tess is across the pond and the Ball is taking place right now at Stainforth Manor in Manchester, UK  being hosted by the lady herself and Ronaldo Stainforth.

I am now there having arrived by private jet earlier io the day.  Much fun and hilarity..

My dress and shoes for the evening.

With of course my beloved scent!

And of course it goes without saying I sent the Trinidad aged rum ahead!!

My date did finally catch up with me after I decided to take off in the private jet. I cannot do with  his constant promises of "I'm coming, I'm coming"!  I have heard it so many times before but in  this instance, time is money! Famous opera singer or not!!!

So be on the safe side, I picked up a few extra dates up whilst winging my way to Manchester for the first Annual Stainforth Manor Ball - just in case.!!!

I wasn't too worried as Ronaldo Stainforth had Clint Eastwood's plums  stewing. There is of course absolutely no answer to that.  

I did, bring my treasured chandelier in on the jet and people who know me well, understand that I do this only for the favoured few!We probably won't use it until much later.


  1. LOL, Bee. As always, you go in style!
    And, yes, Bertie swung much from the chandelier with his new date, as I was momentarily detained having to work the whole day. No worries. I crossed the channel directly, using the Chunnel, and arrived in time (as you can see from my pix) to sing a sultry tune atop R.A. and Tess's other piano that the Stones and Lady Gaga hadn't torched.
    Well, Bertie was being such a cad, but I had to admire the beauty of his substitute date, Kathleen. Even so, I told his aunt I'd keep an eye on him, but actually I meant one of R.A.'s eyeballs that you see in the mix of wonderful photos. With that said, Jeeves did go to the rescue and pull him down before crashing the lovely crystal.
    Your gown, BTW, is gorgeous!!! Loving seeing you there. Sorry that's it's Tess's last tadoo, but what a grand exit she's making, eh?
    Cheers, hugs and kisses, GF!

    1. Why thank you kind lady! My timing was way off base so I was very late. Not sure if it's me but have to ask about Tess's 24 hour clock! I passed over the eyeball bit - makes me queasy! Had the crystal crashed..... not sure how I would have reacted. The gown is pretty, isn't it? Between us I found it on line and it's on my Pinterest fashion page!! Not Tess's last Ball..... she was referring to staying 50 something for ever.....

  2. The typos were due to the alcohol intake - am not changing them!


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