Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm Barbara - Fly Me!

I don't know where August and September went to!  I knew I hadn't blogged for a while or contributed to The Magpie, but hadn't realized that my last entry was at the end of July.

Things have happened.  Many of them of little or no consequence but they happened nevertheless and had to be dealt with. Dealing with them took up time.  So when I wasn't dealing with those things I discovered Pinterest which went on to take up more of my time than I had bargained for.  The I remembered that I love jig saw puzzles and so went back to Jigidi!  That took up more of my time than I intended!

And things must have been bad because I began to tweet.

Netflix had a wealth of goodies so i caught up with some movies and British television series.  The last one I watched was the BBC's season 1 of 'Call the Midwife.'

The reality was that I was tired and needed distractions.  Distractions that weren't taxing!  Distractions that would relieve  the stress, frustration and impatience of working with a contractor who has yet to finish the renovations in my department.  It started on the 29 July and to date although it is very much better than when we started it is not finished.  I did the designs, the colour, the layout and now feel that I am in the wrong business.  My blood pressure is rising!

This was day one in the main office area, before the wall to an unused kitchen which was being used for storage,  came down.

This was day one after the wall had come down.

This was a few days later.

And this was the almost end product.

This was the old showcase!!

This is what it looks like now!

Old show cases on their way out!

New showcases on their way in!

This is what one corner of my office looked like before the work started.

Almost finished.

They decided to use my officer as a dumping ground.

This is what it looks like now and it's not finished.

It is a very good thing that for the majority of the work, I was out having had laser surgery to remove cataracts but I was back six working days later.

So all in all it has been eventful to say nothing of the fact that a friend of mine lost her son unexpectedly last month.  That has been a major happening and I needed much distraction from the pain and anguish.

Life continues. The other eye is to be done this coming Friday.

Maybe I'll take up bunji jumping!  

Or maybe I have already!


  1. Or not. On the bungee jumping. Life has been really busy for me too so sorry if I did not notice how long it had been since you blogged. I, myself, missed three magpies in a row. Nice to have you back

    1. t's good that life has been busy for you. But we still have to stop and smell the roses be it by way of jigsaws or taking in the scent of the flowers we photograph!

  2. My word Bee, that would drive me crazier than I am. Hope the second surgery goes as well as the first. Take care my friend.

    1. It's been going on a bit too long for my liking.

      Thank you for your good wishes - I cannot wait to get it done. You take care of you, too!

  3. Wow...that is quite a construction project! I don't deal well with disorder very well and can imagine this has been very stressful for you.
    I am fairly new to Pinterest, too...but really enjoy it. You have some nice boards posted. And I tried Twitter, but didn't stay with it.
    Glad to see you back in the blog world ♥

  4. It's still not finished so it's a very good thing I am out for a few days.

    I am pleased though that I am upgrading the type of stock and in addition to books and religious educational books, have brought in some beautiful statues and pretty Rosaries.

    I like your boards on Pinterest too.

    Glad to be back although darling husband is not happy thst I am on the computer/Kindle fire so soon after eye surgery!!!

  5. hope you are feeling alright these days. maybe you have had the second surgery already? i am thinking of you! whew... so much has been happening on your side. it is good to read about all that you have been doing to take care in the midst of the heartbreak with your friend's son.

    and the chaos of the office stuff. hold on!


    thanks so much for the kind comforting words you shared on my blog! it helps tremendously, it really does!


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