Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Glorious Twelfth

MAG 119

House at Dusk 1935, Edward Hopper
Photograph courtesy Tess Kinkaid, Magpie Tales on Blogger

What a day!
Tweeds on
Brogues out
Ready for the shoot

Moors of blue
Heather abounds
Beaters ahead
The game is on

Shots are fired
Grouse bagged
Labradors running
Bringing home a brace

Dusk is falling
Birds hanging
Waiting maturity
For a future weekend

Gong is booming
Butler calls
Guests scamper
To the great hall

Dinner is served
Glasses  filled
Toast given
To the glorious twelfth

Barbara M Lake ©
June 2012


  1. Tally-ho, my good woman ... tally-ho!!

  2. Now that you mention it, this could be the background for an Agatha Christie novel! :)

  3. Beautiful and evocative Bee! You conjured images of "Gosford Park" for me...

  4. Oh this is grand! good work- thanks!

  5. You are SO good. Wish I could write as well as that.

    (Thanks for the comment on my blog today. Loved it. :)


  6. Love the pace and rhythm of this poem. And it does invoke Gosford Park

  7. Thank you so much everyone.

    Gosford Park - a tidbit:

    Constance: They're rather a mixed bunch. That Mr. Weissman's very odd. Apparently, he produces motion pictures. The Charlie Chan Mysteries. Or does he direct them? I never know the difference.
    Mary! I suppose it's fun having a film star staying but there's always so little to talk about after the first flush of recognition. And why has Freddy Nesbitt brought that awful common little wife of his? Isabel only asked him because another gun dropped out; that's no excuse to inflict her on us all. Mary... Tomorrow, I'll have breakfast in bed, and then get straight up into the tweeds. What shirt have you brought?

    Mary Maceachran: The green with the pink stripe.

    Constance: Oh no dear, no. No, that's quite wrong. Always something very plain for country sports - the one I wore today will do.

    Mary Maceachran: But it's soiled.
    Constance: Well you can wash it, can't you?

  8. This so cool! I so love this photo too!

  9. Thank you Karen S and thank you for visiting.


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