Friday, March 2, 2012

Our House and Soursop

When my husband picked me up from work yesterday the conversation went something like this:

Him:  I bought you that thing you like.
Me:   What thing?
Him:  That thing.
Me:   What thing is that?
Him:  You know.
Me:   Er, no I don't. I like lots of things.
Him:  The thing you were telling me about the other day.
Me:    I was telling you about?
Him:  Yes I bought it in the market.
Me:   Sorry don't know what you're talking about

(By this time I was being difficult as I'd cottoned onto exactly what he was talking about but I wanted him to say it!)

Him:  The thing you read out to me with the healing properties.
Me:   Oh I know. Soursop.
Him:  That's it. I bought one for you.
Me:   Why?
Him:  Because you like it.
Me:   No I don't!
Him:  But you read it out to me.
Me:   That doesn't mean I like it!
Him:  But I thought you liked it.
Me:   Yes but that doesn't mean I wanted one.
Him:  Huh! So I just paid $25 for something you don't want?
Me:   I never said I wanted it!
Him:  I went to the market.
Me:   I didn't ask you to go to the market
Him:  Muttering under breath......Ungrateful........
Me:   Laughing.................

it's sitting in a bowl on the kitchen table!

(This stems from an article I posted earlier in the week on Face Book which outlines the health benefits of the soursop fruit.)


  1. Apparently it has anti-cancer properties that big businesses would rather not let us know. I'll come to reading your posting in FB shortly .Cheeky write Bee! Great one!


  2. That is an amazing fruit. What does it taste like?

  3. There was a time when I would cut it, take out the seeds and put it in the fridge... later I would eat it like ice cream (with a condensed milk).... these days because of diabetes I don't eat it much, and when I do... there is no condensed milk....sigh!

    1. Sorry it's a 'no no' these days. Richard made it into ice cream. I did not eat it! And neither should he have done!

  4. It is so ugly it must be good tasting.

    1. It's very sweet. You think it's ugly looking?? LOL

  5. That's so funny, Bee. I learned a long time ago to be very careful what I said around my man about liking something. Then I got tired of guarding my tongue so I went right ahead. Then I would say to him, "But that doesn't mean I want it". Really. True story. LOL

    1. Sounds as though we are alike. Yup, a true story alright!


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