Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our House - My Daughter and I

The problem that arises when you have your daughter working for you, albeit on a temporary gig, is that she sees exactly what goes on and as a result says things like 'for goodness sake stop stressing', This morning I was told in no uncertain terms that I need a break and she and a colleague spent half an hour trying to convince me that I should take the next five days off. They failed...... I think they're ganging up on me!

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  1. Attitude adjustment walks! I totally believed in them when I was working in the corporate world. Regardless of weather I would tell the receptionist to take messages and hit the sidewalks. The combination of change of scene, sunshine and exercise did wonders.

    When my boss comprehended how my mood changed after these AAW's he started taking them himself. Once, during a very heated meeting, he stood up and told those there it was time for an AAW moment. "Back to it in 30."

    So if you cannot take the 5 days off may I suggest AAW moments.


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