Saturday, July 3, 2010


I have just come out of the shower. I am not a lover of shower gel but there was one hanging there (after all, I did buy it!!) so I thought that for a change, I'd use it instead of my usual creamy soap.

It's scent (or should I say taste?!) is of pomegranate and mango. So I emerged smelling somewhat fruity.

The reason I'm not overly fond of shower gel?

Why on earth would I want to smell like a fruit basket when I can smell of Chanel No 5???

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  1. Conflicting scents of various products produces in my opinion a someone horrific smell. Yesterday in the crush of people at the trash and treasures sale I was from time to time completely overcome by some woman who must not be able to smell herself.

    I came home with a hideous headache and again remembered why I avoid crowds. To your body gel and perfume add scented shampoo and hairspray. Ugggh.


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