Friday, July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Natasha!

Twenty four years ago today was more than a special day in my life and in the the lives of my husband and son. We were blessed with a baby girl who turned out to be a joy in all of our lives.

Thank you Natasha for bringing such love and for being you. You are blessed with many qualities (some of which need a little more work!) and talents which you haven't even begun to tap into.

You've won awards

St Augustine Community College Prize Giving 2003
Overall Winner

You have a beautiful voice

As Mary Magdalene "I Am Risen" Strand Theatre Port of Spain May 2006

You make us laugh


You are filled with fun

Carnival 2010

Your friends speak of you loyalty, understanding, support in their down times and of your straight forwardness and no nonsense attitude

Happy, happy birthday darling Natasha.

December 2006

May every day of your life be blessed and may you always stay as sweet as you are. Don't let anyone ever steal your joy.

Daddy, James and I love you dearly.

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