Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Rainy Season Saturday in Trinidad.

At 12:30 PM the south Axis of the wave is still off our east coast and is expected to made landfall soon. Showers have already fallen in east, central and northern Trinidad.  More showers and possible thunderstorms expected this afternoon and evening.

I work all week and many weekends to boot, so my husband who is a great cook, does the majority of cooking in this house nowadays. Being one who spent many a happy hour in the kitchen cooking for family and  friends, I now miss those days. This family loves to entertain and we used to entertain a great deal - from formal dinner parties to impromptu suppers around the kitchen table. lunchtime summer barbecues and al fresco evening suppers.
Last week was tough and tiring  work wise but I was determined to play chief cook and bottle washer this weekend and try to be a housewife.  But I decided to keep it simple - very simple!  So lunch was a pasta dish which is a hot favourite with the man of the house.  
It starts like this.

Whilst the pasta is cooking, the courgette, mushrooms, tomatoes flavoured with garlic, rosemary, basil and oregano look like this.

And the end product,  when tossed and topped with Parmesan and black pepper looks like this

Can be served with a tossed salad and warm garlic bread.  Don't forget the wine!

After lunch the bad weather really set in.  Torrential rain and this was what it looked like from my kitchen windows.  We are high up as we live on a hill overlooking a valley.

I zoomed in from the kitchen patio doors for this one.

And this was taken from  the door which leads onto the back patio.

A very wet chilly afternoon here in tropical Trinidad so my husband and I decided to warm it up with a couple of shots of Stolle!!

You cannot ask for more than that and now a few hours later, we're about to have some smoked salmon.  In my case it will be accompanied by a glass or two of Chardonnay.

I'm cooking salmon for lunch tomorrow and so I can go back to work on Monday feeling that I've done my bit.  I like playing housewife occasionally!!!



  1. wish I had been there for lunch looks great. As does the torrential rain.

  2. We're enjoying a day without any rain (at the moment) but the grey clouds are already building up. Hope the storm has passed over.

  3. That looks like a wonderful snuggling sort of a day. I love the rain! I can hear my garden sighing of relief.


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