Monday, July 2, 2012

2 July 2012 Happy Birthday Natasha

The full of fun lady

The long slog was worth it!


June 2012
with Donna Mae

I am blessed to have a daughter who is a constant joy in my life.  On this day as every day, I want to tell her that she is much loved and treasured and I want to remind her that she can do anything that she sets her mind to because God gave her that gift.  Her friends will tell you that she's loyal  and when she's your friend, she's there for life.  She can sometimes be brutally honest but always couches that honesty with love and tenderness.

My darling girl, use your God given talents to the best of your ability  and continue to radiate that light of love that glows around you.

Happy Birthday Natasha.  May this day and all that follow be filled with love, laughter, peace, joy and millions of blessing.


  1. very well said! she is a most loyal and amazing friend. people will look at us and wonder why do these girls boss each other around, but i guess its true friends can tell you like it is.

  2. Natasha's goodness pours forth from her beautiful face .... Happy Birthday!

  3. Your daughter is so pretty, Bee, and her inner beauty shines through her brilliant eyes. Happy birthday!!!


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