Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday to America!

To all my American friends, whether you are in the US or living elsewhere, 

Happy Birthday!


  1. So looking forward to the day. Reuniting with a friend I haven't seen for a while and then the street faire. Fune times.

  2. Your blog here put me in mind of the days of Y!360 when we all decorated for every holiday - our own and all those of our friends in other countries.

    I have noticed that I missed Canada Day this year even though I still have a couple Canadian friends. And while I always read your blogs about the special days in Trinidad I seldom note it on my page. And in fact it was 3rd of July before I changed my avatar to a red and white and blue symbol.

    I was going to say we are not as considerate as we once were but now I think it is that here in the ether we have formed another country. Maybe we need to start our own holiday.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. I wonder if it will be our last. Our country seems the most divided it has ever been since the War Between the States.

  3. Your Mag is quite clever, I enjoyed it!!

  4. Thank you Helen.

    Did you have a problem with an ad fly on the page??


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