Friday, April 29, 2011

Still Proud to be British

My family and I were up at 4.00am Trinidad time (-5 GMT) to watch the Royal Wedding.
Even though I live several thousands of miles away from my England and the tears flowed, today was a wonderful day. Spectacular! 

In these days of constant bad news the Royal wedding was a breath of fresh air that lifted many hearts. If anyone thought the British monarchy is a thing of the past, think again. I saw today that patriotism is alive well in the United Kingdom  that is why the 'Great' can never be taken out of Britain.
Today, as every day I am still  proud to be British.
Photographs taken from the London Daily Mail


  1. It was lovely! You should be proud!

  2. Absolutely! It was wonderful. I missed Britain when I saw it. Wanted to go back. :)

  3. It goes without saying that I LOVE these stills. My favorite is the planes flying over the crown surrounding the Queen Victoria Memorial. Very dramatic.

  4. It was a beautiful event! Fairy tales do come true : )

  5. You picked a wonderful set of photos - and you're not the only one in tears! I thought the ceremony was very moving in its simplicity, and honesty. Long may their happiness last.

  6. @ Betsy - I am - for the most part!

    @ Tami Marie - it's not what it was. I spoke to Cathy's cousin Paul at length yesterday and he confirmed my fears that what my closest friends living there are telling me, are true.

    @ Annie - yes I can relate.

    @ Ladycat - yes they can and this is a modern one!

    @ Jinsky - thank you - felt a bit if a cheat re the photos but so wanted to share. Yes it was moving and I was taken with the elegant mix of the traditional and the modern. Peter Hitchens reveals that he thinks it wasn't 'royal' enough.

    @ jabblog - thank you.

  7. And I think too William (now he's more grown up) and Kate may well turn the chapter on the so very UNRoyal family as of late. IT was indeed a beautiful adn very Christian weding. So traditional. I loved it but wishe dI was not watching it in a hotel bar with those aroudn me not obviously caring that much if at all.

    Still, the abbey was so beautiful and in this day ad age, as you said, we need signs of hope and beauty ongoing when so much is so hard ad dour. Glad you too got to see it. Raising my cup of tea with you to this fine couple. May they never take for granted the extraordinary potion they've been paced into and I hope they use it to the full advantage of helping others as they so seem to care to do as their own prayer indicated too. :)


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