Thursday, August 12, 2010

Forever Young A Song for Wooton Bassett


Wooton Basset in Wiltshire, England is the town known for the informal public mourning held as hearses carrying the bodies of soldiers killed in Afghanistan pass through the town from RAF Lyneham.

This amazing video made me cry. Coming from a military family I have heard the Last Post played so many times and each time... I do, I am reminded of all the parades I have attended and the sheer pride I felt at each and every one of them.

God bless our military and also those of other countries who continue to put their lives on the line.

The following is sources from YouTube as is the video. The composer of the song is Alan Pettifer.

This video has been especially commissioned to accompany the song for Wootton Bassett 'Forever Young' as a tribute to the people of Wootton Bassett and the surrounding area for the way they turn out in all weathers at the repatriation of our brave soldiers from Afghanistan. Written by Alan Pettifer, the song features: Colette Cassin vocals. The City of Bath Junior Bach Choir directed by Adrienne Hale, Mike Stainer keyboards, Alan Pettifer guitar, Peter Lamb Bass and Julian Scott Drums. Matthew Walton from Wootton Bassett Brass and Brunel Brass, playing cornet as he does for some of the repatriations. The 'Forever Young' cd single is available for �2.99 plus postage from: or as a download from: It is a permanent way of remembering these sad times as well as all profits are going to 'Afghan Heroes', a charity set up to provide support for the families of those lost in conflict. This Dvd, now available was filmed and produced by Roger Calcut of Wiltshire Media and all the cd artwork produced by Stephen Baron of 'Pope Baron designers'. All artists and contributors to the CD and DVD have given their time for free and we thank them all.
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  1. There are a short list of songs that will always make me tear up regardless of my mood. This and taps played on a coronet or bugle (I am a bit of a purist - recorded won't work) are definitely high on that short list. Also there is my nation's national anthem and the alternate that has notes real people can it.

    As I am in a drippy mood to begin with I won't bore you with the rest. This was a beautiful rendition of this song.

  2. i wish i could hera th esong but the link isn;t workign presently, need to try later. Yes, I am so indebted adn honoouring of all those who have served to protect freedom and civility around the globe. I can't honestly though hope for blessing on those like the north Korean army or Iranian guard, let alone the Taliban, r al Qaida or PLO, hams, etc. If anything I hope they are foiled in their plots to mane and terrorize and hiding behind civilians or in civilian structures often to carry out their propaganda and ideoology.


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