Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Bridges of Madison County Moment

I am sure most people will have read Robert James Waller's 1992 best seller, 'The Bridges of Madison County', Although a work of fiction, Waller admitted in an interview that there were strong similarities between the main character and himself.

The book, which was published in the UK as "Love in Black and White' came to the screen with Streep and Eastwood (famous = when everyone in the world knows who you are even without your first name being mentioned!).

It tells the story of a four day affair between a housewife and a photographer for National Geographic and although they part and never meet again, their lives are interlocked until death according to the epilogue, 'A Thousand Country Roads'.

I am sure that throughout the world there are many couples some dead, some alive who have had a 'Bridges of Madison County' moment.

Have you?


  1. Yes one of my favourites, perfect evocative, you can almost taste the slow heat and close breeze across their skin... and the long separation that did not sever the love...

  2. They say that our first love marks our life forever, and no matter what may come after that, no matter how loving or how stable the subsequent relationship, we always idealise and yearn for the first love...

  3. Such encounters with no strings are gifts to cherish.

  4. So Jacqui, I'll answer your question here:

    I was in my 20s, single but in a relationship when I had my 'moment' which lasted a very intense week. I remember when he left, spending the entire day walking my dog round the race course waiting for him to appear from nowhere but knowing that he did get on that plane that took him back to Australia

  5. The one that got away. But if we were able to "keep" them would the relationship have totally soured and we would not have these wonderful memories.

  6. He didn't have a choice - he never said so and I didn't ask but I'm sure he was married.

    He wrote to me for months the first letter on airline notepaper as he winged his way back on a VC10 - he was in the Royal Australian Air Force.

    Then one day even though the letters kept coming, I just stopped replying.

    I do have wonderful memories of that time and would like to think that he has too.

  7. I have never read the book or seen the movie although i love anything with Clint in it.

    I would say my first crush was like that when 15. We have sort of stayed in touch over the years, with a 20 year gap and simple email updates now and then but even though so different there is that shared memory.

  8. I love the book and the movie. And I'm keeping any lovely bridges moments I may have had to myself! ;^)

  9. If you're a romantic Mmm read the book

    Willow - wise lady!


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