Friday, August 14, 2009

The Muse is Back!

My blogging definitely came to an abrupt halt a few weeks ago and much as I tried to get myself together, the Muse had abandoned me! I suppose Muses get fed up with waiting around if one doesn’t listen! My excuse is that since the close of my regular blog spot, I somehow have not had the desire nor the inclination to ‘get going’ elsewhere. Many in ‘the group’ had the same problem and some even said that the loss of our ‘home’ where we had made friends and shared so many experiences had sent them into what could only be deemed as a sense of loss and grieving.

Many good friends are thankfully still around and have not, as my Muse, abandoned me. I had to wonder whether or not my humour, my ‘Our House’ series, my venting and my sometimes strong opinions would fly on another site. I have read that a blog is a ‘thing of the moment’, a ‘diary’, a ‘journal’ and even just a fleeting few minutes of ‘me’ but when elsewhere the visitor figures clocked up just four thousand short of one hundred thousand over a period of fourteen months, the thought of building up yet another group of friends is somewhat daunting.

The truth, no matter what anyone says, is that we all like to be liked and we all like to have people visiting our page and commenting on our daily/weekly/ rare/ regular offerings. The beauty of bogging is the diversity and there is something for everyone. We all have our favourites and miss them when they don’t appear for a while. Then there is the deliciousness of discovering someone new to add to one’s list of favourites. The people from whom we learn new things, those who are in life changing experiences and are able to write about it honestly and openly and sometimes with humour; those who are suffering and in pain, those who are witty, the poets, the geography teachers, the history teachers, the movie buffs, the chefs and those who with just a few lines can remind us perhaps of what we once knew. The blogger’s world is different to any other ‘world’. Would-be writers are in abundance,

So having said that and made an effort to blog my thoughts, I have made myself a promise to return to this world which I love and find so fascinating.

Apart from the Muse abandoning me (what an excuse!)I have been preoccupied over the last few weeks with a husband whose blood pressure has gone through the roof, dropped to a figure which by rights should have had him in a coma and a pulse rate that is so low, it is well into the danger zone. Visits to doctors have proved frustrating and the best attempt of humour I can make is that when the doctor told my husband that he had an enlarged heart, he turned to me and with typical bravado said, ‘You see, it’s your fault! I keep telling you how much I love you and now look what you’ve done to my heart! It is big with love for you’. Well the doctor collapsed laughing and I retorted with some smart arse remark to break the tension. The doctor is now convinced as are many of our friends, that we should have a double act. Friends who know me by now think that my house should be the subject of a television situation comedy series. They couldn’t pay me enough!

The second reason I haven’t been ‘into’ blogging is that my boss of nine years is no longer my boss. That you may say is of no consequence but as a friend pointed out to me, my ‘security blanket’ has been whipped from underneath me. Life will go on, the job will go on and I will continue to do what I am doing but at the moment, not knowing who is coming in to ‘fill the big boots’ is somewhat concerting.

Life goes on and I will be screeching back into blog land very soon.

The Muse is back!


  1. Thank heavens! I was beginning to think all muses (like the French) take the entire month of August off for vacation. I have been drudging along on blogs but the painting and poetry writing has ground to a halt.

    I will sit here patiently with my coffee and wait from my muse to return.

  2. I certainly can't criticize anyone for
    their lack of blogging...and I won't!

    I worked until 7:40PM this evening trying
    to get things to a point where I felt
    comfortable. Will my hard work be appreciated? I rather doubt it.

    I THINK I got my comment section fixed; please, try it out for me?

  3. I know how you feel. I certainly experienced a sense of loss with the closing of 360. It was like losing the closest of friends.
    That said, I am finding my space here perfect for this time in my life. My friends list is small but full of love and understanding, encouragement and inspiration. Who could ask for more..

  4. All you said is true Bee. 360 was a big part of our life, nothing can quite compare but I find I too have bounced back from this and also from the sad events in my family. I'm rearing to go again. My main home now is Multiply. Profiles is dead and I use facebook mainly for games and seeing what the family are up to. I'm here too off course the best place to see JBB


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