Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An Indulgence

Last Saturday my daughter gave me a delightful surprise. She presented me with USD50.00 worth of gift vouchers to be used in a local book store, Nigel Khan.

Oh heaven! My idea of bliss is browsing in a bookshop. I used to take my children to a book shop in the Piazza, Covent Garden, London and there they could sit on cushions and bean bags, flicking through as many books as they wanted until they decided which to have. Meanwhile, I would sneak next door to the adult section. I can get lost in book shops, music shops and chemists. That's because in England, chemists stock the most amazing things from basic pain killers to Clarins make up.

But back to last Saturday! When I asked my daughter why she had given the gift vouchers to me she replied that it was about time that I indulged myself in something that I liked indulging in. The gift vouchers ended up in my hot sticky paws because she had actually steered me towards the book shop and told me to choose some books.

I like to browse.

She likes to shop.

I was browsing.

She was in a hurry! The clothes shops were near to closing.

I was still browsing.

She said she was off to buy a book.

Five minutes later she returned and gave me an envelope containing the treasured gift vouchers.

She left the shop. I continued to browse now with a real warm, glowing feeling. I was going to indulge!

After about an hour during which my husband called me three times; "Where are you?", I decided on just one book for the day. An A S Byatt novel, The Virgin in the Garden. It is the first of a trilogy. It will be followed by Still Life and Babel Tower.

I went to the desk, handed over one precious gift voucher plus a TT$10 bill (my daughter had warned me 'no change'!!), watched my book being lovingly wrapped and put into a very pretty carrier bag - a huge carrier bag that if truth be told, would have held half a dozen books.

I put a smaller carrier which held Obama's "Dreams From My Father' which my daughter had bought for her father, into my carrier and strolled out of the shop into the gentle drizzling rain.

I felt wonderful and couldn't wait to get home to curl up with book and a large glass of Australian Chardonnay!

Happiness is what you make it!


  1. This is just my kind of indulgence, too. What a thoughtful surprise from your daughter. Sound like she knows what mom likes. I'll join you in that chardonnay in a little while.

  2. Book stores! And before e-mail Stationary stores. What a wonderful gift from an excellent daughter. You may tell her I said so.

  3. Oh, I could live and die in a book shop! And to have some money to spend in it too, bliss!
    What a thoughtful gift from a very perceptive daughter who knows you all too well!

  4. Sounds delightful and what an incredible gift!

  5. We used to have the most gorgeous little book store where you could browse, sit with coffee and read to your hearts content...without buying...which was always a bonus..
    Unfortunately it shut down...


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