Saturday, November 8, 2014

Awesome Start to Conference

Awesome start this evening to our 2nd Annual Catholic Women's Conference being held here in Trinidad, West Indies by The Missionaries of the Divine Potter, headed by Bernadette Burke who apart from speaking locally, speaks in Tanzania and Latin America.

We have four international speakers. Today was not an easy day for me for several reasons but when we opened this evening, all my concerns went out of every window in sight.

This weekend promises to be awesome.  With an amazing choir which has been practicing for months we welcomed Carolyn Yendell who is an inspirational presenter who plays an active role in women's ministry and has participated in Conferences in St Louis, Missouri. She is the Director of Liturgy and Pastoral Associate  at St Alphonsus Liguori Catholic Church.  That is only part of her  portfolio!

Dr Anna Kasafi Perkins, a theologian and former Dean of studies of St Michael's Theological College in Jamaica gave a fantastic talk. You can learn more about her here.

Theology students use her papers when studying but let me tell you, apart from the serious side, she has a fantastic sense of humour when it comes to addressing a convention.

Other international speakers coming up this weekend are Dr Carol J Razza, full time faculty member and formation advisor at St Vincent de Paul Seminary, Florida. ,

Dr Dr Carol J Razza

And  Teresa Tomeo bestselling author, talk show host and motivational speaker with over thirty years experience in tv, radio and print

Teresa Tomeo

I am somewhat overawed by this line up!  But I know the rest of the weekend is going to be awesome!


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