Saturday, October 19, 2013

Willow Manor 6th Annual Ball (2013)

Well folks, I'm off early tomorrow morning to Dublin, Ohio for Willow's 6th Annual Ball at Willow Manor being held on Sunday.   This year I decided to dispense with commercial airlines and just have the jet standing by.

Actually I am making a stop over as I have a couple of things to do  so I definitely won't get there until Sunday.

But I have sent a few kegs of aged Trinidad Rum ahead.  It was a great hit last year!

First stop is South Beach, Miami as I have to attend a polo match.  That will be fun.

And then onto Washington where I have a meeting with a friend who has managed to make time for me. No he is not my date!!

Then a flying visit to New York  for further meetings.

Then some shopping.

Dinner and an overnighter in Manhattan!

I have no idea what the weather is going to be like in Ohio but for Miami, something simple and light will do. A Diane Freis perhaps?

Or maybe I could get away with this?  

I don't think so.  It's been done before!

I do know that it may be a bit nippy in Ohio - or as they say in England, ""autumnal". After temperatures of 100+ degrees here in Trinidad, I think a Donna Karan brushed jersey coat may do the trick in keeping me warm.

With these Ivanka Trump Women's Jax Boots

 The problem now is the gown.

You all know by now that  I'm not a frill lover so this could be a possibility.

On the other hand, I feel like breaking out with something in red.  But am not awfully keen on the sleeves!

Helen Mirren wore this and I have the same one hanging in my wardrobe too so it maybe the blue to save me a few pennies!

Decisions! Decisions!  Whichever the dress, I think this is the mask!   Handicrafted in Venice Italy with special overlays of laser cut metal and genuine Swarovsky crystals. 

Whichever dress I decide on and it may not be any of these, these Benjamin Adams Moscow  Champagne shoes will go with any one of them.  They are comfortable. Please note that they are slightly lower than my usual shoes.

On the other hand I think I prefer this Alexander McQueen pair.

I know - given that I am adventurous in so many ways, I am terribly conservative in certain things.

I need jewelry, perfume  and possibly a bag - oh and a date would help!  He has not responded!  Why do I feel like Bridget Jones???

Here's to the Ball. Cheers! Bottoms up and all that!

See you there!

I checked in late last night when I thought I had finally reached a spot where I could find wifi. Apparently not. Total disaster. Something went wrong with the mechanics of the jet and we ended up gliding into a muddy  field. Managed to save phone but red dress, Benjamin shoes totally ruined. Blasted cow pats! We have been rescued.


  1. I like the red dress for swinging on that chandelier. So glad you are going to make it dear. Time to get the bags out and start to pack up. See you there.

  2. What a delightful sneak peek ... can't wait to sit down, have a nice chat. Matthew Fox of the TV hit "Lost" lives in my home town ... can you guess who I'm bringing?

  3. Whatever you do stay away from the river - there's a big fire there and Lindsey Buckingham has turned cannibal.

  4. I was late....I was in Havana....but thanks for the late tango

  5. I'm glad you finally made it to the ball, Bee! It wouldn't have been the same without you. I might want to borrow that little Helen Mirren blue number some time...keep in in your closet for me...


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