Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Breaking News


The burning news  is that the Romanian problem lies with Google Chrome and  apparently  if I wait  a few more says the problem will be resolved.

 I am not holding my breath!!


  1. I find that those of us that were with Y!360 during its end of days have very little faith that a social network will ever solve anything. And those that went from Y!360 to Multiply seem to have even less faith. I have compassion for Facebook and Blogger and Twitter because they have to deal with us.

    My problem with Chrome at the moment is the crash of the flash driver. And I encounter it quite a bit because I stream videos. So on my laptop I have stayed with Firefox and am conducting an experiment as to which browser annoys me the least. Firefox has more pop ups which are really annoying. And no I will never use IE.

  2. I totally agree with you re social network sites. muzenews seems to be working very well but I rarely go there.

    The flash player on Chrome on my Toshiba lap top crashes on a daily basis. I have always preferred Firefox but Chrome worked very well on the HP work lap top. I am using Firefox now and have not had problems with anything to do with Romania!

    I loathe IE!

    As as aside I am not happy with my KindleFire HD as it will not take a flash player of any sort - unless of course I follow the tutorial on YouTube - I don't have time. It has Silk but that doesn't seem to be either use nor ornament! I'm supposed to hook it up to Dolphin which is also a disaster.So I can't stream or download any movies.Adobe has abandoned all androids!

  3. hehe, seems as if the Romanian problem is still live and well here. LOL as for all the other stuff you talk about is Greek to me, have no idea, so probably don't use any of it. Hugs you


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