Sunday, August 12, 2012

Disaster Area in Trinidad & Tobago

Whilst my family and I are safe, the area in which I live has been declared a disaster area by the Prime Minister after two hours of heavy rains yesterday, caused untold damage.  Roads have disappeared, homes have been swept away, power lines were and still are down, communications via the main supplier are non existent. Many friends have been affected. Two that I know of to date have lost their homes and several have lost all their belongings.  One saw all her small appliances which she had put onto her mattress, washed away as the swirling waters took the bed and the mattress away.  Another, a very elderly lady whose home was flooded causing her to lose everything was rescued by my daughter-in-law's nephews in their dinghy.

Here are just some photos.

The Diego Martin Highway on the morning of Saturday 11 August 2012 after the Diego Martin River had burst its banks (Photograph:


Corner of Gittensdale and La Horquette Valley Road, Glenco - pump house gone, part of main road collapsed (Photograph: Kent Sheppard)

A gated community in the Valley that I can see from my hilltop home
(Photograph: Whiteflag Entertainment)

(Photograph:  Papa Bois Conservation)

The clean up operation started as soon as was possible and will continue.  It is now 2.00pm Sunday here in Trinidad and the highway which I can see from my kitchen windows has just been reopened.  

This disaster was not caused by a hurricane or an earthquake and could well happen again before the end of the rainy season.  In the event of either a hurricane or an earthquake the reality is that we are not prepared.  But this recent disaster could have been prevented.  This will only cease when people stop cutting down the lush rain forests and building their mansions into the sides of the mountains and when local corporations start cleaning up after others have dumped their old  mattresses, fridges, freezers, beds and unwanted garbage into the dry river beds.  Better still, make those who do all those things that go against nature, pay dearly for their misdeeds.


  1. We had the similiar problems in the UK a few years ago, when local govts eased regulations and let developers build on flood plains.

    Stay safe

  2. I like the part about you having a hill top home?

    And how did you get the reply hot link in your comments? I have looked in format and not found it.

  3. Glad you are safe.
    Can only imagine the horror of the less fortunate.
    Take care.


  4. Oh my Goodness! Saying I'm sorry for this seems pretty ineffective, but I do feel for your situation, and it's heart-breaking to see people lose their homes and family mementoes. I am glad to know you're okay, but I can tell you are greatly troubled by the situation that surrounds you.

    Telling you I have a new cake recipe, is rather inconsequential, isn't it? I will say, how much I love your images of St. Francis of Assisi and Mother Teresa. You might like this blog,

    Be safe!


  5. I am so sorry to hear that so many have lost their homes and belongings. It is good to hear that you are ok. Sending prayers your way. Be safe : )

  6. Hello - just stopped by your Blog and so sorry to see the loss in your area caused by flood waters. I sympathize with you and all in your area and hope everyone is safe and rescued. You have a lovely Blog and I will drop back to read more. Stay safe.

  7. This is so terrible to read of, Bee. I'm grateful that you and your home are safe. I hope some political action can occur to control the cutting and stiff fines in place for dumping. The fines won't solve the problem but it DOES help.

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  9. Thank you all for coming by and reading and a warm welcome to the first timers. The cleaning up operation by dedicated people and the begging by a group I belong to, for household items, clothing and food continues. There is much to be done and I dread the next major rainfall.

  10. Having farmed a river flat for many years, I do know that floods come when they are ready and reach a height they decide. No amount of preparation can guarantee immunity. However, the factors you mentioned will always make it worse. Over the roof is worse than over the floor and over the floor is worse than over the yard. Good luck with the 'begging'!

    1. Yes they will Stafford. We have had another hit since this one as a result of Isaac but were more fortunate this time.

  11. Horrifying pictures! Here in Lanzarote we've had no rain for well over a year now. I can't imagine how devastating these foods must be for you all. I hope you are still coping OK.

  12. Have been watching the news with horrible photos of Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana seven years to the day since Katrina. Such despair there. But your photos are more disturbing yet, because, as you said, the destruction could have been prevented. Deforestation and overpopulation are killing our planet. I will never understand why mankind seems hellbent on destroying its blessed home.

  13. oh gosh Bee..this looks awful (sorry have just found this) how scary...


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