Friday, March 4, 2011

Mama Dis Is Mas!

It's Carnival weekend. Then Carnival Monday and Tuesday.  Most people are well into carnival mode and I cannot get anyone I want business wise today at all!!  So I may as well go with the crowd!

My daughter in law's nephew is competing this evening for the Junior King of Carnival title.   He has won one title this season so we are all keeping our fingers crossed for the big one!

I know I've already posted the video below but it is being tipped to be Road March.  Of course it always sounds better live but I wanted to share some of what it's like here.  In this clip you can see Machel dancing on the roof of the music truck.

For all those out there celebrating - have fun and be safe!

Mama dis is mas! 


  1. have a fun time..
    blessings, Happy Sunday.

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