Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our House: Of Husbands and Neighbours


It's 8.10am in the Lake household. It's Friday 3 September.

Ding-a-ling-a-ling - well something like that - husband's cell phone.
Husband answers on first ding-a-ling.

Husband:              Good morning Joan
Husband:               Yes
Daughter:              Did you see how fast he answered that phone?
Me:                        Yes!
Daughter:              And when we call, we have to wait forever for him to
                             answer it!
Husband:               I should think he's on the road by now so I'll call him a
                             little later.
Daughter:              Dah-dee-dah-dee-dah ( you all know the tune)
Husband                I'll call you back.
Daughter:              Eh heh?  (Trini expression!)
Me muttering:        My name should be Joan..........
Husband:               Fine. No problem.
  under breath:      You're in trouble now!
Husband:               Fine. Later. Bye.
Me:                        Silence
Daughter:              Whoops!
Me starts to hum:   ........................
Husband:               That was .......       
Me:                        I know who it was
Daughter:              Dah-dee-dah-dee-dah...........
Husband:               She's having problems with her AC
Daughter:              I think you've said enough
Me:                       Wonder who she called before we moved here
Husband to
      daughter:        Hand me your mother's phone.
Me:                       What!
Daughter:              What! Are you mad??
Husband:               Have to call Clyde
Me:                        So?
Daughter to me:    Where's your phone - (sniggering)
Husband:              Morning Clyde. My neighbour has a problem with her  
                             AC unit and can only deal with it tomorrow as she's a
                             lawyer in town
Me:                       What the hell has her profession got to do with it?
Daughter:             They'll come faster. Status!

                            My daughter knows how the system works.

Me:                      Charming! I should be a lawyer then!
Husband:             Okay then, I'll call you back when you're out of the
Daughter:            Dum-dee-dum-dee-dum.. Really dumb!
Me:                      I wonder who she called before we moved here!
Husband:             Listen.....
Daughter:            To what?
Me:                      Hums
Daughter:            Giggles


Me singing:          When you've got friends and neighbours
                           Oh the world is a happier place
                           Friends and neighbours put a smile
                           On the gloomiest face.........
                           Just take your troubles and share 'em
                           With the folks next door..........

Daughter:           He's vexed?
Me:                     He can give but he can't take!

Husband walks out of the front door.
Collapse of mother and daughter into a whole heap of laughter

In car:

Husband:            I just want you both to know that I can take as good as
                           I give.
Daughter:           Right!
Me:                     When you've got friends and neighbours..........

I think I came to work on kangaroo petrol!

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