Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Our House

Early morning conversation with my husband today. We are talking about someone I have to interact with.

Me:    "I've noticed that he doesn't communicate with me much
         these days".
Him:   "Well he wouldn't".
Me:    "Why on earth not?"
Him:   "Because he has realized how smart you are and that you
         don't take stupidity".
Me:    "Oh, you think that's what it is"
Him:   "Yes".

Husband walks out and three minutes later what he said dawns on me:

Me:   "Just a minute. You just said I was smart".

Husband suddenly goes deaf!

Me: muttering under breath "God, I should have got that on tape"!!!


  1. hee hee. Doesn;t say that to you too often eh? Well soak it up.

  2. dang girl - you know you not gonna hear that anytime soon again right???!

    sigh ...

  3. Sighs - you know him well! he has a habit of developing selective hearing!


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