Friday, January 8, 2010

A Lion in Winter

They don't look very happy do they?  Yes they are on Safari but in Sterling, Scotland. Snow hasn't hit Africa yet!  As temperatures dropped to -20 two nights ago, this was the satellite picture.

Everyone is complaining about how unprepared the councils are for this type of weather. They are running out of grit and salt. But these are the winters I remember as a child.  We just got out the shovels, dug ourselves out, put the chains on the tyres and got on with it.  We built snowmen, had snowball fights, went sledging and fell down on the black ice.

It seems people have turned into what my headmistress used to call 'milk sops'. This freeze has closed down more than 10,000 schools throughout the UK, people are staying at home, rail networks have come to a standstill and businesses have lost millions.

The worst thing that I saw was the following picture in the London Daily Mail.

What was this woman thinking????  That's a lake she's pushing her baby across.

The prettiest to date is this taken in a part of Britain that I know well: Cumbria.:

This winter is harsh in many countries but the UK is never, ever prepared for it. The weather in certain parts of Finland and Sweden make the weather in the UK look like spring.  But what do I know? I'm merely a British expat living on a tropical island where at the moment, it's pissing down!


  1. wow,this is so cool to see Scotland like that!Great pictures!:)

  2. The word here would be Whoose. Or Turkey. It is hard to soar with eagles when you have to flock with turkeys. And I quite frankly think we need to return to survival of the fittest.

    Yes, the lions do not look happy, but they are keeping on keeping on.

    As to this being more normal weather than what has been of late I can only speak to the novels I read that are about Scotland. Seemed it can be a horridly cold and damp place winters which begs the question as to why kilts.

    In response to your blog I can only say that perhaps the woman should fall through the ice. She shouldn't be allowed to breed again.

  3. LOL Jacqui so true like the woman who wheels her baby from between cars into oncoming traffic...
    Personally I shivered when I saw the photo of the woman standing under very long and dangerous looking icicles...

  4. Yesterday everyone in Melbourne was advised to leave work due to the extreme heat..that certainly never happened in my working days and I am sure it was every bit as hot.
    I agree with Jacqui...survival of the fittest.I beg to ask the question why do those in charge feel the need to travel down this road. The word litigation springs to mind. Too many people think they are owed these days and will sue for anything including working conditions which are too hot or too cold, paths too slippery,etc.

  5. When we who live in Melbourne complained about the 45oC heat the other day, our Western Australian countrymen reminded us that they often had to cope with temperatures close ot 50oC and they had to keep working.

    (People should need a license to have children and they should only get it after having a course on bringing up children, and pass an exam!)


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